Exchange Rate: 1 BTC = 33840.23 USD • 28334.19 EUR


What is is fast, easy and secure way to send and accept bitcoin. Our interface allows URL callback on new incoming transactions as well as a full API for remote connectivity.

What do I create a free account?

To create a new account simply click "Register" in the menu, fill out the few fields and click "Register Now". You will be taken directly into the back office of your new account and can begin sending and receiving bitcoin.

What is a bitcoin "Address"?

A bitcoin address is a hash string where bitcoin can be sent to. You can have multiple addresses in your account.
A bitcoin address generally looks like this: 17w9e54W2Vb1thUQqh1SKLAJhjTamRnWhZ

What is a "Favorite Address"?

A "Favorite Address" is simply an address that you have given a label to and choose to have displayed in your favorites list. You can toggle any address as a favorite and edits its label.

How do I send bitcoin?

Once logged into your account click the "Send" link in the main menu, enter the address of where the bitcoin will be sent, enter the amount of bitcoin to send, supply an optional comment and press preview.

On the preview screen you will be shown a summary of your transaction and any SimpleBTC service fees. Please note the bitcoin network may charge a fee on average of ฿0.0005 to send on top of service fees. Confirm this transaction with your PIN and on success you will be taken to a summary of the new transaction.

Are bitcoin transactions instant?

No, bitcoin transactions take on average around 10 minutes to propagate through the bitcoin network. Please be patient while waiting for transaction propagation.

How do I receive bitcoin?

To receive bitcoin you must simply provide someone with an "address" that belongs to your account and have the other party send the bitcoin. Upon receipt of the bitcoin you will be sent an email and will also now be able to see the transaction in your account history.

Are there any service fees?

Yes, the fee structure is outlined below.

  • Receive - 2%

What is the "Network Fee"?

The "Network Fee" is a small fee that the bitcoin network will charge your account for sending funds. This on average is ฿0.0005.

Can I browse by transaction history?

Yes, you can browse through your transaction history by clickthing the "Transactions" link in the main menu.

What are "Transfers"?

Transfers are internal transactions such as service fees and commission earnings which are not broadcast through the bitcoin network.

How does the "Callback" system work?

The "Callback" system allows the service to POST newly received bitcoin transaction details to a specified external URL. An example use of this feature would be to notify your shopping cart software that a payment has in fact been received by the merchant.

The specifics of the data structure used with the callback URL can be found in back your back office under the "Callback" link.

What is the API used for?

The API (Application programming interface) is a system that allows 3rd party software to connect into your account on execute actions such as:

  • Get Exchange Rate
  • Get Account Balance
  • Create New Address
  • Send Bitcoin
For technical documentation please visit the "API" link in your back office.

Where does get it's exchange rates?

Our exchange rates are pulled from

Can you recover my account password or PIN?

No, your account details CAN NOT BE RECOVERED so please be sure to store them in a safe place.

Does offer a referral program?

Yes, you can currently earn 10% of the service fees generated by accounts that you directly refer. To directly refer someone they must click your affiliate link before signing up. Your affiliate link can be found on your dashboard. All terms are subject to change.

Can I have more then one account?

Yes, you can have as many accounts as you wish.

Is there anyway to reverse a bitcoin transaction?

No, all transactions are final and can not ever be reversed in the bitcoin network. Please be careful that details are correct when sending and receiving bitcoin.